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Welcome from Nimbin Zone MAGAZINE

Welcome from the Editor.

Hello I’m Judy Lancaster Editor of Nimbin Zone Magazine. Moving to Nimbin in 1985 with my family was one of the best lifestyle choices I ever made. My new life started out on a land-sharing community in the beautiful Barkers Vale area. By 1995 I had moved into the Nimbin Village and established Nimbin Graphics, a business that was to provide low cost Graphic Design for Nimbin and North Coast based clients. Nimbin Zone Magazine has been created in collaboration with another Nimbin professional and we look forward to bringing you great articles and receiving your submissions to show the world what Nimbin, the surrounding areas and Australia has to offer.



Welcome from the Article Consultant.

Hello I’m Emma Lancaster Article Consultant for Nimbin Zone Magazine. I have grown up in the Nimbin area and am very excited to be a part of this magazine. Over the years I have seen many great artists and performers in this area and beyond. Being an article consultant gives me the opportunity to help to show this to the rest of the world. A lot of my work is sitting behind the keyboard trying to find you and other amazing talent within Australia, but I am also lucky enough to get outside to photograph for the magazine and see you and your stuff up close.


An Australian Magazine & Multi Platform for Artists, Photographers, Writers, Designers, Makeup/Hair Artist, Dancers, Models and more. Yes we do take SUBMISSIONS from writers, artist and photographers, designers and more. To find out more please see here Submissions.

Please note we do not pay for any submissions nor do we charge you for your submission, not all submissions will be accepted.


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